‘Cromwell – An Honourable Enemy’ by Tom Reilly

Tom told OliverCromwell.com before the release of his book back in 1998…“I am fascinated by all things Cromwellian and I often visit the Ely website. The book comes out on Cromwell’s 400th anniversary, 25th April 1999”

Cromwell: An Honourable Enemy

‘This long overdue evaluation of Cromwell’s campaign in Ireland, published on the 350th anniversary of that campaign, challenges all conventional interpretations.Thousands of defenceless men, women and children are alleged to have lost their lives as a result of the ‘scorched earth’ policy of Oliver Cromwell, who has long been regarded as the most reviled figure in Irish history and who is still generally regarded there as a genocidal maniac and religious fanatic…Yet, argues Tom, the traditional viewpoint lacks any solid evidence…

Using only contemporary sources, he examines eye-witness accounts; he also places Cromwell’s conduct within the context of the seventeenth century and the rules of war then pertaining… “With an impressive mastery of detail, he marshals the facts and concludes that Cromwell’s appalling reputation appears to be undeserved; also as the first successful English military conqueror of Ireland, his emphatic success was a foregone conclusion so inadequate were the royalist forces in Ireland”.”During Cromwell’s Irish mission he proved to be significantly more compassionate than many of his contempories, and he scrupulously adhered to the letter of the law of contemporary warfare while communicating with the various governors of the various garrisons throughout Ireland..!”

Read Tom’s follow up book, Cromwell was Framed: Ireland 1649, which was released in 2014:

Cromwell - An Honourable Enemy