Do you deserve the Bad Press you have had over the Centuries?

Oliver Cromwell“I don’t believe so.”

“It’s true that in my position of power I had to carry out some distasteful things, that as a man, I am ashamed of. But you have to understand that I was an instrument of God. He influenced and directed my life.

God instructed me to prepare the world for the Rebirth of our Saviour and to ensure His Holy Word was adhered to.
Long has it been known that the people of England are the Elect People of God, therefore they must not be allowed to become unGodly in their manners.

To this end, I believe I succeeded in bringing Gods Law Order to the Countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
For this service I believe I should be regarded with due Credit. Had I not have played my part so effectively, the Civil War may have escalated into a far more bloody affair with consequences unknown, and England would end up as an ill-mannered, idolatrous nation of powerless peasants ruled by a long line of self-indulgent, Spiritually deluded, pious Monarchs…”

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