Oliver Cromwell – Why did the King have to die?

Oliver Cromwell

Charles I was a good, but obstinate man. He insisted on his Divine Right to Rule this Kingdom under the guidance of God. The people were merely subjects and deserved little say in the affairs of their homeland of England.

After the Civil War and Victory, Parliament wanted to reinstate King Charles to the throne, but on our terms. We believed in a Monarchy, but we wanted a Parliament of equal strength. Charles played along, but, behind our backs he was plotting with foreign allies to invade England and restore him to full power.

The Irish and the Scots sided with the King rebelling and attacking England.
Under my supervision the Army crushed the uprising`s with some effect and example.

It had become clear that Charles would not accept our conditions and we had no option but to Try him in the Courts under the Charge of Treason.
Charles I was found guilty and beheaded on January 30th 1649.

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