Oliver Cromwell – Do you have any opinion on the importing of Scottish Planters into Ulster, and the ethnic cleansing of the native Irish to the poor lands of Connaught? This is of course the source of all the trouble that has occurred in Ireland since.

Oliver Cromwell

To blame the troubles in Ireland today on me is unjust and unfair.

The Irish Picts and Celts have been a thorn in England’s side since Roman times and before. Let us not forget that Ireland was invaded and requisitioned by the Normans 600 hundreds years previous and England ruled supreme.

However, as with so many remote kingdoms, after a few generations they believe they have Divine Right to anounce their independence.

Any English authority has been despised by these barbarian peoples who were badly advised and led by such religious persons as Ormonde who attempted a Papist invasion of England.

After the battles in Ireland, and the loss of her strongest sons, it was necessary to repopulate the area with migrate workers who were adjusted to England’s requirements of this dependent State. The area was not ethnic cleansed as such. No malice or harm befell the ordinary people, women and children. The rebel menfolk who could not conform to our requirements chose to seek refuge in the more remote areas. Is that my fault? War is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

As with a wounded animal, a swift end is preferable to a lingering agony…

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