Oliver Cromwell – How many children did you have?

Oliver Cromwell

I had 9 Children. 5 boys and 4 girls.

Their names were Robert (1621 – 37), Oliver (1624 – 44), Bridget (1624 – 62), Richard (1626 – 1712), Henry (1628 – 74), Elizabeth (1629 – 58), James who sadly died at birth (1632), Mary (1637 – 1713) and Francis (1638 – 1721). I lost my son Robert to the fever at the age of 14. He attended Felstead School in Essex.

Richard, my eldest followed in the Role of Lord Protector but gave it up to enable reinstatement of the Monarchy. Young Oliver became a Captain in the New Model Army but sadly died from camp-sickness when he was 20 years old. Henry also became a military man of reputation rising to become Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. He died of natural causes at Wicken, near Ely.

They were all however family orientated and are the ancestors of many people in the world today.

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