Oliver Cromwell – How would you like to be remembered?

Oliver Cromwell

I would hope that modern Historians are able cut to through the propaganda of successive Royalist sympathizers to reveal the true purpose of my life.

I was an instrument of God. He cleared the way ahead for me. My destiny was preordained and I played the part to the best of my abilities.

Thus I would like to be remembered as a Man of God who was Proud and Patriotic of God’s Country, England, a family man of morality, a reasonable Politician and lastly, a good Military General.

If I might harken back to my address to Parliament on 25th January 1658…
“We are apt to boast sometimes that we are Englishmen, and truly it is no shame for us that we are Englishmen…But it is a motive to us to do like Englishmen, and seek the real good of this Nation, and the interest of it”.

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