Oliver Cromwell – Where is your head?

Oliver Cromwell

This is a most distressing subject.

Since my death from Tertian Ague, a sort of Malaria on September 3, 1658, England was happy to give me a Full State Burial with Honours.

3 years later the Monarchy, reinstated by my Parliament, had the ordacity to have my body disinterred, and those of others regicides alive and dead. Our remains were ritually hanged, drawn and decapitated.

My head was impaled on a spike and exhibited at Westminster Hall until about 1688 when it was removed by persons unknown.

In 1787, an actor named Russell sold it to a Museum. Eventually it was obtained by one Mr Wilkinson whose decendants recently presented it to Sidney Sussex College Cambridge, my old College.

My head is now buried at Sidney Sussex College in an unmarked grave.

My body may have been thown into a mass grave at Tyburn, near Marble Arch, London although other places are also claimed. It is a long ambition of mine to be Reburied whole, with grace and compassion.